Trying to do 2 full time jobs, run (and renovate) a home, remind my friends what I look like from time to time and keep on top of a messy teenager is never an easy task.  However, at the moment I really feel like I have the energy to do this.  It may be my nice relaxing holiday or it may be that I am finally learning how to do all of the things I need to do.  At last I am developing a technical side to my brain!!  Ok…so it is pretty small at the moment (the technical bit not my brain  🙂  ) but I am getting there. 


Now I just need to develop better time management so I can do more artwork which is actually what I want to do.  I am bursting with new ideas!!

Last night I did another big chunk of my website and have decided to wait until next weekend to launch it so I can actually have some new work to put on it.  I ordered a mount cutter so that I can attempt to make my own mounts which would save me time and money and let me experiment some too.  I hope it is going to let me finish some of the new range I am working on.


I also did these mini cards, which I have been trying to do for some time now….better late than never.

















Finally, I received the shiny new postcards I had made of Rose and Harry which I am very pleased with.




I even managed to upload them to 


….and they will be on the new website 🙂


I just need to keep this momentum going and then I can get to the new artwork bit.

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