My decision to clear out my life yesterday actually inpired me to paint so I actually finished a picture I had been struggling with a bit.  I liked the concept but could not get the effect I wanted….until last night. 

So here it is:


with a couple of close ups











This uses different papers, fabric,  watercolour and acrylic paint, beads and wire.  The effect is slightly wobbly which I love and has great textures to set off the subtle colours.  The torn paper is strenthened with PVA and additional layered paper so is quite strong. I will mount this in an open fronted frame so set it off properly.  It has also given me a dozen other ideas on the same theme.

I will wait till I have another 2 or 3 finished then add them all to the website.  

I feel a lot better today, having made the decision to clear things out bu the end of the month.  It has had the effect of energising me and although all I have done is made the list it has started the process.  I even made myself an ‘additive free’ dinner and baked cupcakes for my girlfriends coming round tonight.

So here is the list:

Spring Clean Lounge
Paint Front Hall
Paint Woodwork in Dining Room
Paint Upstairs Doors
Paint Woodwork in Studio
Finish Setting Up Studio
Clear Out Supply Cupboard
Tidy Up Front Garden
Finish Landscaping Back Garden
Curtain/Blind for Bathroom
Flooring in Kitchen and Dining Room (On Order)

It was bigger in my head so writing it down has already made it seem better.  I know some of these tasks will take days (especially the garden) but I will get there.  I know how much work I have done to get to this stage so this really is the last bit!

With a bit of luck I can get some friends to help out…….maybe.

2 thoughts on “New start, new artwork”

  1. The cupcakes were delicious…the strawberries even arranged themselves!

    Loving the site – well done.

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