This portrait started quite well and I was really pleased with what I had achieved…..then something happened and I lost it somewhere.


At this stage things are still going pretty well but somewhere in the next stage I lost a little.

rose006 sm

rose006 closeup

It is a nice picture….I like it …but it is not Rose.  I checked with her mum and this is what she said.

“It’s definitely Rose, but not quite Rose – and can’t quite put my finger on it.
You have captured the intenseness of her eyes really well – and the hat, hair and face shape are perfect. I’ve just been comparing the drawing to a small version of the photo – and the more I look at the drawing, the more I am falling in love with it…”

I am glad that she likes it but I obviously have some more work to do on likenesses but I will learn!  I am not unhappy with this picture, I knew this would be a learning experience and I learned a lot from this….I just need to learn more.  I think I will do this portrait again after some more practice to see how I am improving (hopefully).

Here are the 2 images together….somewhere around the cheeks and eyes I went wrong.

rose006 sm


3 thoughts on “Portrait Challenge – Part 2”

  1. It’s soooo close. Take a deep breath. Squint UR eyes. Find the dakest darks and the lightest lights and let the pencils take over. I’m sure you’ll get more of her spirit in there then.

  2. Hi P,
    This is a beautiful picture, but you did set a tough test asking a mum to comment on an image of her daughter!!! What are you like! Anyway, I am no expert, but I thought I’d take a step back and see where the direct comparison with the photo differs. Here goes (you’ll never talk to me again) …
    – The eye’s are great, but in your picture she’s looking right at me and in the photo her eyeline in over my right shoulder. (But I don’t think this has a material impact on the character.)
    – On the photo I think the cheek bones are slightly higher giving a more happy/contented expression.
    – And there’s something about that precotious top lip 🙂
    Hope that helps, but feel free to ignore as I’m definitely a non-artist!
    Take care and … HB (again!)
    … Dx

    1. Challenges are only any good if they are tough.

      Thank you for your comments, they confirm what I knew already so that is good. I will improve….I hope…but will still continue with difficult challenges.

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