I have to start with another thank you to you all for your support….I posted my request for volunteers and so many of you responded.  I hope I can do this!!

I said I would share this challenge with you and I will share as I go along so I hope that this works, I have to say I am terrified of letting anyone down or upsetting them if I do not portray what is expected.

I thought I would start with a child’s picture as that is again a new area for me and I love this photo……


This is Rose, the daughter of one of my on-line friends and who could resist this picture…..of course once I started I realised that this was a pretty big challenge.

The drawing was not too hard though I filled the page more than I intended to


I kind of took the easy option to start with and went for the hat….which did have it’s own issues.


Next I tackled her lovely curls


And finally for this session I started to colour her beautiful, ice cream covered face


Well….that is where I am at the moment.  The basics are there but there is no ‘life’ in the picture.  I have still to capture that and the lovely innocence of this little girl who is loving every second of that ice cream.

Although this is not yet finished….I would still love to hear any comments and constructive criticism to help the process along the way.

While I am confined to the sofa with this horrible ‘bug’  🙁  …..I will have time to work on it.

4 thoughts on “Start of my Portrait Challenge”

  1. I love the shapes on the page. Think it looks good that you filled the page as much as you did. Like what you’ve done so far with colour-charm and character are coming through. Especially like how you handled the hair.

    Tough picture to work with! Admire you for choosing it as a first portrait project.

    1. Thank you….I really like to push myself though sometimes it means my mistakes are very public. I hope you like the finished result….coming soon 🙂

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