Time for another MailART postcard and this one is quite personal in many ways.  It represents the time I spend putting on make up…..something you will never see me without.  It is my first artistic endevour every day is to try to create an image I am happy for people to see.  I know that many people see it as a mask and whether it is or is not….I need mine.  I don’t look like myself without some make up.  I have very pale skin and blonde eyelashes so people think I look ill without a little added colour. (Actually – I look like I died 3 weeks ago 😉 )

I know it is a confidence thing too, something I hide behind but it is something that I need every day before I face the world.  I am quite shy and it is almost like creating a character that has the confidence that I do not.

Here is my illustration of the morning process 🙂

mailart028 sm

As luck would have it, I have received a card from the artist who received ‘Time to Make-Up’

This work is by John Azelvandre (@Zephyrusnyc) and, I have to admit, is my favourite so far.  I love the static tree form against the changing sky, showing the passage of time. 

His Bio tells me that

‘John Azelvandre is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. John’s work focuses on his love of trees and all organic forms. It explores themes of generation, procreation and the underlying creative forces that shape our universe.’

Here is the lovely card I received from him


There is a lot more of his work which you should really have a look at on his website….just follow the link


One more thing for today, another 30 day challenge has been started by a good friend on Twitter – Micalanne (pronounced like Michaelangelo, but without the Jello).  It takes a slightly different form to the others as Micalanne is trying to develop one image to a finished state but it should prove just as interesting as the others.  Follow her journey here

Day One of @Micalanne ‘s challenge


6 thoughts on “Make Up Time – Mailart”

  1. it’s not fair 😉

    You can ‘put your face on’. (where did that phrase come from?)

    Boy George used to be able to get away with loads of make up but the rest of us a left with what we were given with unless I was to grow a beard.

    Do I gather that being without make up is harder than a 30 day challenge?

    I must also add that I do like the picture 🙂

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