Are you brave enough?

My MailART challenge is complete  🙂

I know that you have not seen much of it yet but I will share as the postcards are received which should be throughout October.

 October is a HUGE month for me: 

  1. It is my birthday
  2. I am on stage as Mrs Lintott in ‘The History Boys’ for 3 nights
  3. I become a grandma for the first time (I know I don’t look old enough 😉  )
  4. I am on holiday for a week  🙂

It may be quite a busy month :/

 I don’t want to let my drawing slip though so I still want to have a challenge for October and I am wondering if anyone is brave enough to help me with this one.

 I have drawn a couple of mini portraits during MailART and the response to them has been huge!  (Thank you again)  I really want to explore this further and see what I can do with it.

mailart009 sm

MailArt001 sm










 I could draw family or friends or someone famous but I want a real challenge with real feedback so I am looking for victims  volunteers to let me draw them and to give me HONEST feedback…along with everyone else.  

Please remember that I will blog about this and show the progress of the portraits.  I am hoping to do 3 during October…maybe more if you are willing and I am able 😉

 If I draw you(and you like it) I will send you the portrait for you to keep (no catches, completely free of charge) and I will keep a scan so I can use it as part of my portfolio.    You know the only way I will do this is if I have you all keeping an eye on me 🙂

 If you are interested then send me a message…..but remember I need a clear, high resolution photo to draw from….the more interesting the shot the better. 


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  1. Sherien

    If you like I am happy for you to do my portrait Pam. you are a fantastic artist and I would be honored to have you draw me xox

  2. Pamela

    That would be great….thank you!! 🙂 Can you e-mail me a photo when you get a chance

  3. Gina Murrow

    If you’d like to draw someone in Alaska, I’d be happy to send you a photo.
    P.S. Congratulations on becoming a grandma! I became one two years ago, and was stunned by how much FUN it is!

  4. Caroline

    Hi Pam,

    Feel free to use one of my pics if you like!


    Caroline (@RubiesAreBlue)

  5. Jemma Black

    October would also be a good month for drawing an old witch like me! I’m happy to volunteer. x

  6. Joanne

    Congrats on the birthday, the new grandbaby, and finishing a huge goal! Enjoy that holiday… it sounds like a very busy month for you. 🙂

  7. Mandy Walls

    I would love to send you one of my favorite pics of my little boy if you would be interested. I can send it to either via e-mail or regular mail if you would prefer a good print. The photo is actually in B&W as the color one was accidentally deleted, but I can point you in the right direction if you would like to try to colorize it. The picture is a close-up facial/head shot. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

  8. Karen

    I would be honored if you drew my portrait! If I can draw yours 🙂

  9. Inverkeithing

    Hello! You are a genius. You have just tapped into a deep seated need in many of us … immortality! Wish I had soon this invitation earlier, but you have plenty of takers already 🙂 You sound very happy! Dx

    1. Pamela

      Thank you 🙂 There is always time for another one

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