The latest card to survive the postal system is another one of my menagerie – ‘Tom’ 

Tom thinks he is a talking cat, he tells me about his day and explains the mysteries of cat life to me…..if onlyI could understand.  I know he thinks I am stupid not to respond the way he expects me too, I know he tells me off when I am late home or if I have forgotten to pick up cat food before the box runs out!!

He just expects me to understand more….only I don’t.  I am up against 3 of them so outnumbered at every turn.  You can see below Tom and Spike (you met Jerry earlier) who have taken over my son’s backpack and are daring me to even think about moving them.  Anything that is layed down anywhere that looks comfortable is fair game and may never be the same again.

That is a ‘look’.


Here he is looking a little more alert and happier

mailart010 sm

 ….of course I am way too soft for my own good 🙂

My latest received Mailart is from Sarah John Afana, who chose to create all of her artwork on her iphone…which is definitely of our time. 


I love this card but not as much as I love Sarah’s other work, especially the beach stuff…..though I love the trees too and ….well, take a look for yourself. You will love it too  🙂

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