Sorry for the break but I took advantage fo the long weekend to do some work on my house so I can finally claim my studio space.  At the moment it is full of stuff from other rooms and not the most inviting place to be….but I am getting there!

This week I am indulging in another art form….theatre arts and I am on stage in Dunfermline in a premiere production of a new play called ‘Eclipses’.  It is a very clever story and although I only play a tiny part in it, it is fun to be part of something new…… and something old as the drama group I belong to is 125 years old this season. 

All of this is my excuse for not posting much or updating my website…but I am on holiday next week and, armed with my new netbook, will be working away to get lots of new artwork done and get the website updated.

As I am now in holiday mode….with only a few more days to go.  Her is another redhead doodle


My old car had a number plate where the letters were ‘OSR’  – the only way I ever remembered it was by using ‘One Sassy Readhead’  The poor old car went to the scrapheap at the end of last year but this ensures I will not forget it.


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