At last!!  2 weeks of long hours and a steep learning curve and it is done!

There were many times where I really wanted to throw the computer out of the window or just go drink coffee instead.  I have a ‘design’ brain and it doesn’t want to understand all of these funny symbols which mean nothing to me but I have done it and I am pleased that I did.  I just hope I don’t have to do it again in a hurry.

Well…..It is over to you:

What do you think?
What do you want to see added to the site?

Now that the website is done, it is time to get some new artwork done.

Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “New Website”

  1. The website looks amazing and you can tell you have put alot of work into it. fantastic to see all your artwork and I bet the orders are flying in! love it love it love it!!!!!!!

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