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July 2009

Organised Chaos!

Just a quick post to show you the organised? chaos that is my studio at the moment.  Seeing this much work coming together makes the last month worth every second.               I have worried and stressed about this exhibition enough and now I am going to enjoy it.  Thank you again to everyone who has sent me messages, tweets, DM'[...]

30 Day Challenge – Day 30

Day 30 - Sea Holly I am finishing on a simple watercolour.....ok, this was because I used all of the white acrylic in 2 towns during my challenge and could not get any more...but I also said that if the Sea Holly in my garden bloomed I would paint it - so here it is.  The final day of my challenge and although I am a little sad I am also thrilled to have ach[...]

30 Day Challenge – Day 29

It is the second last day of the challenge and I am starting to feel sad already.  I still have the Festival to look forward to and now that I have started this amazing journey with all of you......I will keep going.  I think I said already that fear had stopped me doing this earlier, fear of failure and fear of things not being good enough but now that doesn't seem[...]

30 Day Challenge – Day 28

I thought I would take today to remind you all why I am doing the 30 day challenge.  It is a build up to the Pittenweem Arts Festival.  Pittenweem, for anyone who doesn't know, is a tiny seaside village on the East Neuk of Fife and for 9 days in August artists take over the village.  Exhibitions are set up in halls, homes, garages, shops and any other space that an[...]

30 Day Challenge – Day 27

Today I had to go and buy tables and easels to display all my hard work which seemed quite exciting but turned out to be a bit of a nightmare......but survived and now have what I need.  Although the middle part of this challenge was tough going as I got really tired, the rest of it has flown by and it is nearly done.  Now I am seeing things coming together an[...]

30 Day Challenge – Day 26

Day 26 and I am definitely on the home straight :) Thank you to everyone that chose one of the images to represent me in a profile - the problem is it the dalmation and the rose got an identical number of votes with the blue flower only one behind.  My best friend's comment was that none of them represented me properly and I should draw something much more ditsy![...]

30 Day Challenge – Day 25

I was feeling pretty cheerful last night as I finally feel like things are coming together for the Festival, my friend Angela is back from holiday and she sorted me out in a way only she can.  She has a wonderful way of scraping me off the ceiling and puttings thing in perspective....... don't worry though, my panic will set in again shortly. I kept with the fl[...]

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